Can’t take the jackal out of the dog …

Miss Dog entirely failed to cover herself in glory today. While I was otherwise engaged, and the sweet & patient lady who cleans up after us all was pottering to and fro, she scratched her way into a somewhat old and well ripened bin-bag and devoured rather a lot of whatever it was she found there. (We have no rubbish collection due to living up a farm track; bin bags, once filled, are hauled to the town dump). Five minutes after Mrs R. had closed the door and gone on her way, the less than divine Miss D heaved copiously and repeatedly all over the newly hoovered hall carpet, already replete with stains from previous canine crimes of all descriptions. Yes it was rash of us to have a pale carpet in the first place; our predecessors had a 70s mottled carpet in shades of vomit to which, thanks to canine interventions, we are rapidly regressing. What really made me want to throw something at the wretched beast is that the minute the Professor came in the door she hurled herself at him saying that I had been howwid and what is more, judgmental. Of course, they have never quite got the hang of the fact that we can talk.

3 Responses to “Can’t take the jackal out of the dog …”

  1. FJS Says:

    bin bag with legs, what can I say.

  2. Janey Says:

    I have been trying to empty the freezer — which has iced itself solid — thus one of the Apparitional Gamekeeper’s trout was cooked last night, and I made 2 rabbits and about 8 pigeon breasts into paté in the course of this morning. This therefore resulted in a bin bag containing the skin of a large trout, topped off with rabbit bones and meat shreds. Such is our general lack of faith in canine nature the bin bag in question was locked in the car and taken to the dump immediately after lunch … just the kind of thing Miss D regards as ’stigmatising’.

  3. FJS Says:

    good call : )

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