Good wishes

The German Guests got married today — due to the pressure of various business, we were not able to be present, but we have been thinking of them very kindly at intervals, and hoping that this late & changeable spring held still for the mid afternoon. Those of the blog community who met them last year will I am sure join with us in wishing them good fortune and buoni auguri in all aspects of their future life.

2 Responses to “Good wishes”

  1. The Canadian Professor Says:

    Echoing the buoni auguri of the blog for the GErman
    Guests, whom it was a delight to see in their Native

  2. The German Guest Says:

    Buoni Auguri very much appreciated! And you wouldn’t believe how much your contacts to the professionals actually worked: We had over 30 degrees Celsius the whole weekend. Which obviously nobody had expected - and which ended as soon as the weekend was over. It was simply great. Will send pictures soon.

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