Update on Jollity Hall

We have been dipping into a neglected copy of Silly Bitch Magazine, the only publication aimed at the female labrador of Today, which someone left stuffed under the kitchen bean bag. The serial known as The Good Old Days seems to be going from strength to strength. To remind: the heroines are three labradors called Biffy, Miffy and Squiffy, the house is Jollity Hall, and the paterfamilias is Squire Jolly, and the era is pre-war 1930s. The person who seems to be bulking larger than we quite remembered is the cook – Mrs Stupid by name. She has a marked tendency to make things and leave them to cool on a variety of convenient lowish surfaces.
“‘Lawks’, said Mrs Stupid. ‘I did think as I’d made a batch of iced cakes for the childers’ tea. Now wherever ‘ave they gone?’ Biffy, Miffy and Squiffy looked at each other and grinned.” And so on. The adults in this narrative seem to have been one and all victims of a pre frontal lobotomy, but of how many works of Mrs Enid Blyton could this not be said?

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  1. FJS Says:

    Complications to do with your comments box, lead me to say; build a bloody run, and stick the black mobile bin sacks in it. My previous reply was more baroque, but you get the gist.

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