Grey Matters

Mrs Grey is, as I write, curled up on the floor of my study in a nest of patchwork pieces. She contrived to conceal herself somewhere or other last night because she was found in the morning placidly slumbering on Dr Biswell’s bed, taking advantage of his new duvet cover made of camouflage material. We are not sure why he wanted a duvet cover made of camouflage; does he think it will conceal whether or not he is in bed? Anyway, it worked for Mrs Grey.
We have the Greatest Living Renaissance Scholar and entourage, tipping up next week, in consequence of which we have been trying to make the back spare bedroom considerably more exquisite. The carpet is grey, so we have taken down the rather tired bargello work curtains and replaced them with elegant ones of grey and white toile de Jouy depicting eighteenth-century sentimental young ladies of markedly Sapphic tendencies. A battered pine chest — known in the family as ‘the coon-proof chest’ for thus it was described by an American who lived with us for a while — has been smartened up: it has become pale grey, and I have painted grisailles on the front and side, one based on one of the toile de Jouy vignettes, the other on a couple of Dutch drawings of condatini. The walls are now the wrong shade of white. … this is the sort of thing which drives you mad in the end.

4 Responses to “Grey Matters”

  1. Edwin E. Smith Says:

    I really like the website’s new theme, but then again it’s rather like changing curtains isn’t it? Once begun, there can be no end.

  2. The Canadian Professor Says:

    So that the bunnies won’t see him, in or out of bed. pat

  3. The Canadian Professor Says:

    Clear, isn’t it, that this room belongs to Mrs Grey, who will spread the news of the mc life style all over the neighbourhood. YOu need an application form, a box into which it can be put and a Committee for Decisions.

    I imagine that the World’s Most Celebrated Renaissance Person can borrow the room for his stay without distresssing its usual tenant.

  4. The Canadian Professor Says:

    What she says three times must be true….surely the walls will be painted before the arrival of Monsieur et son equipe?

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