Daft but touching

Today’s post produced something so daft and touching it says a lot about living here: the ladies who made up the Sapphist toile de Jouy and camouflage duvet-cover mentioned a couple of blogs back, brought the finished product round on Saturday. The writing of a cheque (which are now printed as from Prof. D and Prof. S ) and subsequent conversation revealed that I had become a professor, something I don’t on the whole tell people. Today’s post produced a tasteful wee ‘Congratulations’ card, with a legend as follows: ‘Congratulations on becoming a Professor. From: The Curtain Ladies in Huntly. Its been lovely doing little jobs for you. you are both delightful people, and it is nice to see your home and garden. Norma and I love old houses. Houses with stories to tell!!!’ To which you can only say, well, bless.

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  1. the tropical godpapa Says:

    Utterly delightful, both of you. But one wonders if the dear ladies of Huntly might modify their opinion somewhat if they read Good Women or discovered that the twisbotic influences that permeate Aberdeenshire and sundry other areas of the United Kngdom, Ireland and (prior to a certain auto da fe) Kuala Lumpur all emanate from - Burnside.

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