Babbling Brooks

The last word, I trust, on the waterworks for a while. The Northern Professor and the Gamekeeper, with some assistance from me & some barrows full of rocks, attempted the scientific construction of a lilting rill with water chuckling poetically o’er the stones (white quartz) in the course of the afternoon. It may even have worked, though the amount of mud generated by sloshing bits of streambed from A to B and damming it with rocks and pebbles was beyond computation. But the fall has been tuned, it babbles, bickers, & so on, like a good ‘un It all seems a bit cold-blooded, really. Talking of which, the fish seem to have survived their translation, at any rate, they aren’t floating on the surface. Mrs Grey the Cat is getting shinier and better looking by the day, also very sociable; it has been charming to see her interest in all this water play, mitigated, naturally, by her determination not to muddy her nice white paws.

4 Responses to “Babbling Brooks”

  1. the tropical godpapa Says:

    Right, chaps, sounds like it’s now time to get started on the grotto. No slacking please. And while you’re about it, better put a small ad in the Turriff-les-Bains Evening Echo for an ornamental hermit, long grey beard, hair shirt and bone cruxifix essential, human skull and/or small lion an advantage. Other accessories by negotiation. Apparitional Gamekeepers need not apply.

  2. The Canadian Professor Says:

    If Douglas Chambers sells Stonyground and moves to Portugal, as he threatens to do, I will petition for return of the piece of Pope’s grotto nicked molti anni fa from the floor of the sacred space by one who also became a Canadian Professor. Right under the nose of a nun dispensing nonsense about AP.

    Who will be Nymph of the Grot?

  3. Jane Says:

    Nymph of the Grot: Miss T whenever there are no other calls on her time. She can also be an unusually ornamental Ornamental Hermit.

  4. The Canadian Professor Says:

    In gym kit?

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