The Labrador’s Dilemma

Here is a philosophical conundrum which may be observed towards the end of supper in all households containing two labradors. Should one (that is if one is a labrador) pay one’s addresses (large brown eyes, the front paw faltering upward but failing through faintness due to hunger) to the nasty and sarcastic carnivore, or to the dog-friendly vegetarian, who has, making tragic lives at floor-level yet more tragic, more or less given up eating cheese.
Analogies crowd in upon one.

One Response to “The Labrador’s Dilemma”

  1. Andreas Minor Says:

    I seem to remember seeing an advertisement in the back of Silly Bitch for some kind of slobber-powered mind control ray specifically built for the dinner table.

    Unfortunately, I suspect it may only be as useful as those X-Ray Specs, which succeeded only in making all non-sensible dogs hungry for bones with a bit more meat on them. I hear that Sea Monkeys are a good investment, though.

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