It couldn’t happen

I f9und myself hoping that no member of HM Government reads Jasper Fforde. I ended up on his website a moment ago due to being brusque with an ageing mouse & going to the wrong place on a favourites list. I checked out ‘what’s new’ & found an article in Toad News (this being, for those who are not familiar with Ffordeworld, the principal tabloid of a planet-spanning megalomaniac corporation called Goliath). Why bother with the incredible expense and complication of identity cards, when there are two familiar, and above all, cheap, systems, both of which have their points, but would surely would be better in combination. Little lambkins and little piggy-wigs acquire a yellow ear-tag shortly after their arrival in the world, which permits them to be tracked from — well, not cradle to grave, so much as field to plate. Why not tiny citizens? Moreover, anyone who has acquired a supermarket loyalty card and used it for a year or so should be aware that Tesco (or whichever) now knows considerably more about them than M15 and 6 put together. An ear-tag which included a bar-code, which the nice checkout ladies could scan along with the purchases, would enable the individual to be tracked through his or her little life with a minimum of governmental input, at very trifling cost. Thank you, Jasper. This is not a pleasing thought.

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  1. canadian professor Says:

    Dogs and cats get micro-chipped here. Even Desmond, a person of doubtful ancestry, has been so imprinted. If he were to run away & be found, dead or alive, he could be scanned, and returned. Should perhaps say instantly that I didn’t microchip him; his first owner did. Less of a problem for fashionistas than a yellow tag? A re-design of supermarket exits, airports, physicians’ offices?

  2. site admin Says:

    Apparently there are members of ‘exclusive’ clubs who are happy to be microchipped & scanned by underdressed waitresses (the sort of thing you learn from inflight magazines). It strikes me as rather worrying as a concept — though over here also the dogs and cats are microchipped. I must get Miss Kit done now she’s taken to exploring.

  3. Andreas Minor Says:

    Speaking as someone who occasionally writes for inflight magazines, I once got offered VIP membership for a hideous Barcelona venue called Baja Beach Club, membership of which involves having a small microchip injected under the skin in your arm. I naturally refused, on the grounds that I have serious moral and ethical problems with spending any time in Baja Beach Club.

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