This Island’s Mine

The wind is up, and the migrating geese are making a great deal of noise. The Met Office assures us that there are gale force winds on the plateau of the Cairngorms. Doubtless any day now the road will be closed by snow between Cock Bridge and Tomintoul. For all of which reasons, I didn’t sleep particularly well last night, and found my mind revolving the problem of the island. The Apparitional is threatening to turn up today and build a bridge which means in fact being driven around timber merchants for most of the day: I shall try such strategies of evasion as lie within my power.
As to the arrangement of the island there is no particular problem: the urn goes on the downhill prow of the island facing down into the lake, two weeping willows go on the uphill side facing into the swamp. The bridge joins the island to the mainland at its north-east corner. In the west of the island, overshadowed by a hanging bank and beside the little dark pools which gather under it, is the place for an artwork which we have had about the place for some time: a little Portland stone tombstone inscribed “this Island’s mine” which can be a memorial to my late Mother, like Alexander Pope’s obelisk to his, but less so.
We still wait anxiously Dr Biswell’s view of what the island should be called. Perhaps he will call it “Biswell Island”, following existing suggestions of “Dog Island” ,”Labrador Island”, “Grey Cat Island” and”WAAAA” which being interpreted might well mean “Kitten Island.” Somewhere around dawn, listening to the geese and the wind, I could have sworn I heard a rusty nasty little voice from the spare bedroom saying “Twisby Island, it has always been called Twisby Island.”

3 Responses to “This Island’s Mine”

  1. Carol Says:

    Are Curious Squid with ventriloquial expertise know to circulate so far North of the Border? If not, my money’s on the ruddy Twisby any day…

  2. the tropical godpapa Says:

    Last night there came an ashy echo from the box containing the mortal dust of the late Tropical Twisby: ““Twisby Island, it has always been called Twisby Island. This Island’s mine!” (The Tropical Twisby was always SUCH a drama queeen!) I have now pored cold water into the box. This seems to have done the trick.

  3. The Other German Guest Says:

    For no particular reasen, Sideburn Island is my first reaction. Or Napoleon, or Burgess, Lady of the Mist or something latin.
    @the tropical godpapa: so that’s why our two Twisbies were crying last night complaing about a disturbance in the Twisby Force

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