3 in the morning

Dr Biswell reminded me this evening of something so surreal I had forgotten it. He blew in out of the storm at 3 AM, an hour at which the household is frankly not at its best. The first thing he said after ‘hello’ was ‘there is a rat in the umbrella stand’. There was; a medium sized rat, trying to climb into the Professor’s Mafia hat, and the whole setout was of keen interest to Miss Dog, so Dr B shut the inner front door and left them to it. We poked our heads round the door a few minutes later to find that Miss Dog had achieved absolutely NOTHING, so I collared Mrs Gray and told her to deal with it. Which she did.

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  1. site admin Says:

    Ziggy is a wise old cat, and I’ve never seen her ratting. She voles and she birds. I reckoned that she stood a better chance than any of the rest of us of encouraging the creature to LEAVE; which she did. I think it must have been sniffling about in the border beside the door, not expecting sudden dogs, humans etc. at that hour of the night, & the idiotic Miss Dog chased it into the house.

    By the way, congratulations on the arrival of fine spotted kittens — & to everyone else, click on Norwegian Wood on the RH navigation bar to find pictures of mother & babies, very nice too.

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