Domestic Tragedy

Mesdames the Dogs are once more telling us that they are about to leave home. Their hearts are broken. Just when they’d started getting things nice … Basically, yesterday a nice smiley man turned up with a very, very large machine and steam-cleaned the carpets. This was not the work of moments. Mysterious stains, carefully laid down by the dogs over a period of years, are no more. The house smells faintly of wet wool and Hygiene. From the dogs’ point of view, the carpets were presumably a lovingly crafted palimpsest of interest & happy memories. But no longer. They seem to be exceedingly cross about it.

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  1. site admin Says:

    Miss Kit has not as yet got beyond worms, though from time to time she pokes one under something and yes, they can get quite smelly. But the canine community is fighting back; mud and odoriferous substances are being deposited on the newly cleaned carpets with what I can only describe as ZEAL.

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