Lerve and Doody

It is one of those mornings when the animal community seems to have been possessed by demons. Miss Dog crapped on the rug in the hall, Miss Kit piddled on a towel, even Miss Best Friend, who is a good old thing, was sick on the carpet. The weather is absolutely vile, which may have something to do with it. Between bouts of clearing up body fluids, I had a serious thought this morning. Given the current appetite for epic, why has nobody made a film of the Aeneid? For today’s audiences you’d have to see a bit more of Dido founding Carthage, I think, to give you a strong heroine, and that would give you a love story of two refugees from war-torn regions, followed by that oldie but goodie, the Conflict of Lerve and Doody. Just so long as it didn’t have that Russell Crowe in it.

5 Responses to “Lerve and Doody”

  1. The German Guest Says:

    Yes, could someone PLEASE make this Australian guy choose a different career path? It’s not nice of him to keep trying to fool us by pretending to be an actor, I think. Not working, either.

  2. Eleanor Says:

    And no Angelina either, please, her lips scare me!

  3. the tropical godfather Says:

    Well I think we should all give that Crowe person another chance - in the role of Dido. Or maybe Berenice. Hollywood doing Racine would give the French something to distract them from the little local difficulties they seem to be encountering.

  4. Susana Says:

    Quick, quick the cat’s been sick!
    Hasten, hasten fetch the basin.
    Wait, wait, it’s all in vain,
    For she has licked it up a-gain

    old rhyme, not mine.

  5. site admin Says:

    Thanks for the Old Rhyme; I have to say that this is behaviour infinitely more characteristic of dogs. Cats by & large stalk away saying ‘nothing to do with me. Somebody else’s problem, surely?’

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