The year’s best press photo?

A polyglot, but Anglophone, friend from the Luxembourg parliament, doubtless a Yurrpean member of the Axis of Evil, has sent me this photo which I suspect is doing the rounds among English-speakers … when the Rogue Semiotician has a moment I hope he will put it online. — He has, or rather, he did; with a comment which I feel deserves a wider audience: ‘who says politicians never tell the truth?’

4 Responses to “The year’s best press photo?”

  1. The Man From Maryport Says:

    Ho Ho Ho . . .

  2. Eleanor Says:

    Oh my god. This IS the best press photo of the year. Thank you, thank you, for this good laugh.

  3. Viking Longship Says:

    Doesn’t get any better or more correct.

  4. Carol Says:

    If only it were mother-proof; even allowing for her eyesight, she only has to see the twerp on Tv to remark ‘he even LOOKS stupid’. Old Labour still doesn’t mince her words.

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