A Phalenopsis Too Far

I remain devoted to the principle that you can grow anything in Aberdeenshire, including Mexican blue fan palms, cycads, bananas, etc., and this summer, I created a sort of orchid wall, by adding orchids to a trellis covered in passionflowers and jasmine; and very fine it has looked for about five months. But one hideously cold night did terrible damage. The flowers went black and/or dropped off with distressing unanimity. The orchids are of different species; and forensic examination reveals that the four phalenopsis all, furthermore, lost their leaves, though the rest appear in flourishing green health. They must be the least cold tolerant, which is rather a shame since they are perhaps the prettiest. I may be reluctantly forced to concede that phalenopsis are unsuited to the rigours of the North; though they are as of now, in the kitchen to see if they show any signs of recovery. So not just yet. Perhaps I should try a traditional local solution and dose them with a little whisky?
By the way, concerned readers may like to know that Miss Kit has regained her nervous tone, and indeed, her athleticism. There was another spat with Mrs Grey this morning — we, and the Tropical Godfather, were on the upstairs landing when there was a ‘wrowwwl’ from the study and both cats shot out at speed — Miss Kit bulleted between our feet and nearly gave me heart failure by leaping accurately through the banisters and out into thin air. She landed, quite unconcerned, about halfway down the stairs, a jump of about nine feet, and was in the air long enough for me to register that in transit, she looked just like a flying fox. It was impressive, but I hope she does not intend to make a habit of this. Jumping, unfortunately, is one of her things. She jumped over both labradors and onto the bed this morning, like Evel Knievel only smaller.

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    There is a stage in a kitten’s life in which the power-to-weight ratio is absolutely extraordinary; the feline equivalent of the tiny 14 year old girl gymnasts who perform so prodigiously at the Olympics. Miss Kit has now entered upon it. I am comforted by the thought that when she is adult, she will no longer be able to fit between the banisters, which are wide wrought-iron ones, not slender rods.

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