Here’s a lovely thing, done by the clever people with whom the Northern Professor works. And if you click on the numbers, you’ll see some of the beautiful objects with which he is fortunate enough to work.
Nightfall on Christmas Eve (not that it’s been exactly light all day) and Dr Biswell (who has been praised by John Banville in this morning’s Irish Times) is going to give a hand with sorting things out. Which means a certain amount of tidying things up and the deployment of the limited quantity of SanSulpicerie which the Old Profession enjoins. And the hauling out of the greenhouse of an Olive Tree to be decorated with Chenille Birds and Chandelier Lustres. And then, in the words of a great and good man, pudding, more pudding, sprouts.

2 Responses to “Seasonal”

  1. fjs Says:

    I’m toying with the idea of decorating a banana plant, rather because I have to, as I now have four blocking every possible place that I could put a small tree!

  2. The Canadian Professor Says:

    The Advent Calendar is gorgeous. Have just gone from 1-25 & collected the greetings from the star. Marvellous idea.

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