Merry Christmas

And many thanks to various readers of this blog for beautiful & useful gifts. In particular, the Northern Professor is ecstatic to have a ‘make your own snowglobe’ kit. This may not happen for some time, but when it does, it will be … special. I have, among other things, the Roxburgh Ballads, which at 4,000 pages odds, should keep me out of trouble for quite a while. We have much else to be thankful for. The house is warm (thanks, Hero Plumber Keith). We have water — thanks to Hero Plumber Dr Biswell. There was a worrying period last night when we didn’t; & Dr B came heroically to the rescue sorting out an airlock — a process which involved detaching a section from the 200 feet of Garden Hose which we consider necessary (I am not joking) at one in the morning, a process which got us all deluged in icy water. I was by then sufficiently awash with Montepulciano to feel that I was unlikely to contribute anything at all sensible, so after the hose had been sourced I went back to trying to understand Howl’s Moving Castle, which I now do, more or less, while Dr Biswell, off stage, acted with vigour, promptness, decision and energy. Medals have been awarded for less.
As any labrador will tell you, a party’s not a party till someone’s been sick. The honours today went to Miss Kit. When we came back from church, the Professor, in a moment of seasonal whateverness, gave Mrs Grey some milk. She adores milk, but she hasn’t had any since Miss Kit entered the house — what with all the kitten food she scoffs, the old thing is practically spherical as it is so we have not been in the business of encouraging her to eat any more. But he gave her more than even she could finish; then Miss T came down on the old pony Joshua, accompanied by her parents, I took my eye off things, and of course, inevitably, I turned round and there was Miss Kit with her nose in the milk. And, as all the cat books say, ‘Do not give milk to oriental cats. Many of them are lactose intolerant.’ She was lactose intolerant all right; her entire breakfast came up in one mighty heave, all over the windowsill. She was really very dozy and not quite herself for a while, but having slept for a few hours, normal service seems to have been resumed.
Hope you are all having a nice time, whatever you’re doing — much love from the Lady Novelist, the Northern Professor, Dr Biswell, Miss Dog, Miss Best Friend, Miss Kit, and Mrs Grey.

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  1. A Wishful Reader Says:

    And to You and Yours as well. An update to The Deep North is a treasure: I’m glad the academic mills are currently shuttered and the updates more frequent.

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