Comings & Goings

We received a parcel from our twisby-harbouring friends in Heidelburg (previously resident in Hamburg, as attentive readers of the blog might observe). On opening it, out popped a strange little creature. Half the size of an orthodox twisby; its hide a drably sapphic, greenish tweed. Those were pearls that are its eyes, which gave it a strange, unreliable, swivel-eyed stare. Its name is apparently Claude. We were told; ‘our female twisby has been acting strange … it seems that she has met somebody. It can’t be our male twisby, since they hate each other with a passion. Also, from the looks of Claude, we believe the father to be some kind of amphibious creature, a toad or some such … the two adult twisbies give Claude a very hard time about his short snout and funny tail, and even though we have tried everything to convince him/her of the beauty of its ’specialness’, we did not succeed.’ But this grotesque little monster has touched the soft heart of Dr Biswell; Claude has gone to Manchester to be his life’s companion and perch on top of his computer, where I very much hope he does not blight every project subsequently entered into. Never trust a twisby, I say.
Dr Biswell and the Martyrologist have both left in different directions, leaving us to ourselves. The water celebrated their departure by immediately going off as well, but without anyone else in the place to worry about, we can await the appearance of Keith the Plumber, and, if necessary, we can simply be grubby, and in the old Mediterranean fashion, substitute pints of eau de cologne for actual ablutions.

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  1. Carol Says:

    Fi on Dr Biswell sa i - what of the feelings of the good and gaudy dog Darren? He will be gutted to his nearly-kosher Burberry interior. As am I, his perpetrator.

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