Twisbeius Twisbeius

The Professor’s god-daughter, in the course of her medical researches, came across an account of a being called twisbeanus twisbus ( surely, today’s twisbeius twisbeius?), in a work entitled Superfluous Fauna (Animalia Superrogata), which from the information given, would appear to date from the seventeenth or early eighteenth century. The catalogue entry describes this as ‘a work of some medical disrepute, all copies save one burnt in the Spanish Inquisition. Author unknown, except that he met his end in a specially-prepared ornamental lime-pit, the carving of which displayed no sense of aestheticism.’ We will attempt to share with you her rendition of the plate, but note the following details, translated from the original Latin.
EAR — too small, or possibly too large.
BRAIN — oriented backwards. Why?
LUNGS — three are present, two are functional. No-one knows what purpose the third lung serves. It is often infected
STOMACH — too small.
GALL BLADDER — oversized. Note: the Twisby has almost no digestive system besides the parts that go wrong.

The Twisbeius Twisbeius

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