The Spreading Stain

I took a look around the web for signs of twisbies. There were more than none. One of the more suggestive was unsuprisingly, unobtainable. But the bit quoted on Google was, ‘you have reached Umbrella. If you are looking for a happy twisby, press one. If you are looking for a sad twisby, press two …’ If you are looking for a happy twisby you may end up pressing One for quite some time, but that is your affair.
They also appear to be causing inner-city blight in the United States.
‘There are many illegal rooming houses in Englewood. Recently, the city closed illegal rooming houses located in Central Avenue, Tenafly Road and Twisby Place. Another possible illegal rooming house located on St. Nicholas Avenue is under surveillance. Illegal rooming houses are firetraps, and the occupants steal our services (police, fire, DPW and ambulance). Also, the occupants may be sending students to our public schools where the average cost per student is about $16,400.’ (which leads to the further thought that Americans in pursuit of not paying taxes can be pretty bloody vengeful)
Be that as it may, the third appearance of a twisby was if anything, worse. A certain Maunders Twisby (probably yet another half-crazed uncle) is credited with having discovered an early Gilbert & Sullivan collaboration called the Corsairs of Umbar, later rewritten as the Pirates of Penzance. And yes, it is just as whimsically ghoulish as it sounds.

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  1. Jane Says:

    Dear Ariel, I think that in a sense, I haven’t: Edward Gorey invented a strangely sinister soft toy referred to as ‘the stuffed twisby’ in a book called The Other Statue. We decided to make some, invented a pattern, and created a number of these things, which have since developed a life, mythology, background, etc. In pursuit of this harmless fantasy I looked up the word ‘twisby’ on Google to see whether there were any entities called twisbies in the real world, or at least, cyberspace, with the result mentioned above. Given the generally malignant and weird character we have developed for twisbies, causing inner city blight seemed like the sort of thing they’d do. As for umbrellas … well, do tell. We’d love to know.

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