Miss Best Friend, whose horror and loathing of warm sudsy water amounts almost to hydrophobia, inexplicably waddled in this evening to witness my bath. This being a dog normally seen in proximity to a b-a-t-h only with four feet braced at an angle, and dragged by the collar. However, she sat staring at me owlishly while I soaped, rinsed, shampooed, etc., and after a while, flumped down and lay beside it till I elected to come out. I can’t think what is going on. The Professor thinks she may have missed us, this being the first day when they were left alone for quite some time, but I feel there may be more to it than that. After all, we left them for ages a week or so ago when we went to Elgin, and there was none of this.
I do wonder if the old thing had contrived in her slow way to ask herself the question, this awful thing they do to me. Do they do it to themselves, or is it some vile plot against dogdom? And what, I wonder will she do with the fact that the answer is a clear and obvious ‘yes’? That has never stopped conspiracy theorists in the past, of course. I am sure that within labrador terms, the conundrum will as remain unsolved as the Mystery of Rennes-le-Chateau, or Shakespeare’s Catholicism.

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  1. Jon Says:

    Ah, but she will then ask why do they do it to themselves? Clearly it is a human trick to make her think it can’t possibly be as bad as all that.

    Much to my surprise, one of our cats is in the habit of leaping onto the side of the bath and asking for affection from obviously wet people, despite her normal feline aversion to being splashed. Either this is a tribute to the quietness of our bathtimes or it is a sign of her desperate need for attention first thing in the morning.

  2. site admin Says:

    Several cats known to me have done this. Venetia never did it again after the time when she misjudged her leap onto the far end of a claw-footed free standing tub, & her momentum carried her sliding majestically down the slippery slope and into the water. But the late Miss Cat, who was large enough to stand on her hinder paws and peek over the rim, frequently did so, would then occasionally lick a soapy knee or shoulder, or accept a caress from a wet hand. Miss Kit likes to observe, but from the safety of a nearby chair. However, though cats may be averse to getting wet, they are clearly temperamentally on the side of WASHING however it is carried out.

  3. the tropical godfather Says:

    When I lived in Cambridge my beloved cat Nimrod, while I was bathing, used sometimes to step very gingerly, very daintily onto my chest (which was not submerged) curl up and go to sleep.

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