Happy Days are (almost) Here Again

We are in hopes of adding a new member to the cast: Honey the Hamster-Loving Hippie. Ever since the sweet, shy farm-wifie who used to look after the house hung up her mop, we have scrambled on as best we might, which given how busy we are, is not very well. Honey the Hippie came our way via the traditional advert in the post office & strikes us on the whole as unorthodox but likeable; anyone who can combine the ownership of five cats with a small rodent rescue service is a woman of some organizational talent (luckless guinea-pigs, homeless hamsters, displaced gerbils, she loves them all, we gather). All four of our own animals immediately fell in love with her and followed her about in a body. She is turning up with her Marigolds on Friday, which will be something of a red-letter day domestically, since with any luck it will also see the arrival of a new and functional fridge-freezer.

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  1. Jon Says:

    Aha. The introduction of a new character. Perhaps the script writers of The Archers could be sweet-talked into suggesting a few plotlines for her. I notice that the fold between reality and fiction is being ever more frequently ironed out since you started reading Jasper Fforde.

  2. site admin Says:

    And where, pray, do you imagine that Honey the Hamster-Loving Hippie is a page-runner *from*?

  3. Carol Says:

    First drafts of ‘Tales of the Riverbank’ would be my guess (before the BBC cleaned it up and Hammy the Hamster took to botanical adventures instead).

    Or ‘Glastonbury- memories of a hippy’ - a volume too slim to have ever found a consenting publisher?

  4. canadian professor Says:

    What fold between reality and fiction?

  5. Jon Says:

    Difficult to say for sure from a short description, but I’m assuming not the bucolic jollity of James Heriot or HE Bates. Neither any of the campus novelists. I have it: she was definitely missing from Michael Frayn’s ‘Headlong’.

  6. site admin Says:

    The long platinum blonde hair and frosted pink lipstick suggeston the whole, not James Herriot. It will be little like being cleaned up after by Tammy Wynette.

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