Are you now, or might you be, within reasonable striking distance of Keswick? ‘by Rolls-Royce, by airplane, by Pullman compartment and for all we know, by specially designed Cartier pogo sticks, the smart art enthusiasts coverged on Keswick …,’ well, as the word Pullman might indicate, I have nicked this from a 30s gossip columnist covering one of those awful New York moments when the really hot ticket turns out to be out of town — in Hartford, Connecticut, in this case — and changed the name (there may be a small prize for any boy or girl who successfully identifies what the original hot ticket was. A challenge which does not include you, dear Canadian Professor). Suffice it to say that our Correspondent, the Man from Maryport, seems to have achieved miracles with the Keswick Film Festival. Vide News from Beyond the North Wind (see sidebar). Cheer, and wish it well.

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  1. The Man From Maryport Says:

    Too kind, too kind . . . it was, btw, a great success: ticket sales 50% up on last year, fabulously good programme, and a real sense of event about it. We await with bated breath the Festival of 2007 . . .

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