Relations between Mrs Grey Cat and Miss Kit are if anything, getting worse as Miss Kit approaches adulthood. The kitten is now deeply non confrontational — successfully intimidated, even — but Mrs Grey actively persecutes her — she will lie in wait and mug the kitten as she approaches the house, for instance, so at night, I have to go down the garden with a torch, call her (she’s always in the wood, which was also the late Miss Cat’s hunting-ground; there must be some kind of demarcation issue at work) and carry her inside. Mrs Grey spends the night shut in my study (with food, water and a litter tray) otherwise there would be continual battles. Miss Kit, on the other hand, sleeps on the bed. First thing in the morning, the Professor lets the dogs out of the house, and Mrs Grey out of internal exile. She will then come upstairs and eat some of Miss Kit’s food in a marked manner (but not piddle in the kitten’s tray, because I am now WISE TO HER, and shut the bathroom door). Then she will jump onto the bed. But she clearly understands that if she clobbers Miss Kit, she will be shouted at and chased away, and she wants to sleep on the bed very, very, very much. So with much purring and kneading, she settles down and the pair of them sleep placidly within a yard of each other. If they were that close anywhere else, and there would be ructions and squeebling, not to say smiting, but the bed is different. Now we’re trying to work out how to extend the principle over the rest of the house …

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    spades, not spaces. Cf. supra

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