Tonka Toys again

The Apparitional Gamekeeper has been equipped with a Tonka Toy, and is spreading gravel on the back drive. It is a very large Tonka Toy. The last time we hired one for him (from the garden centre at the end of the track, who are sporting about letting machinery off-site for the weekend) it was only little, but this turns out to be a monster, to the extent that we fear for overhead power cables. He is having no end of fun; fortunately his Dad is keeping an eye on things. We had blue skies yesterday, but today it’s gone back to grey & chilly — I hope that wasn’t the summer been & gone in a blink. It’s being a most peculiar year. One of my moutans is coming out: it’s supposed to be a semi-double red one called ‘Kaou’ but what is unfurling is actually red & white stripes, so it’s presumably not ‘Kaou’ but something else. In any case it has been thinking about coming out for a week, like someone hovering on the edge of a swimming pool. Given the horribleness of the weather, I’m not surprised.

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  1. Jane Says:

    My dears, there is ANY AMOUNT of work still to be done on the bothy! I’m sure we could think of something.

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