Lots of things flatter than they were

There has been another day of sorting out: the Tonka Toy was still with us, and its mission, whether it chose to accept it or not, was to tidy up the compost-heap area, and to flatten the walk by the lake sufficiently for it to be mown with a ride-on (the ride-on has just died of senility but that is another problem). The AG’s parents and Miss T once more turned out to lend a hand, and the results were amazing. By the end of the day, we had a walk that really looked like a walk, the pile of crud on the site of the old Nissen hut had vanished, and in all kinds of ways, things were considerably spruced. In the middle of all this, Sam’s people turned up with a horsebox and a nice fat little pony called Barley. He and Sam, rather touchingly, became instant best friends, they spent the afternoon grooming each other, and are pottering around togetherr clearly in the most ireinic of spirits. Sam is going to have to go away for a bit to get some Education, apparently, so we will just have Barley who I hope does not pine. The lake is very magic at the moment. The water is extraordinarily clear, and you can see the trout patrolling to and fro, even in the deep bits. There seem to be hundreds of the things; but in the slanting afternoon light there is a perfect haze of insects dancing up and down above the water, so I’m sure they can make a living.

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  1. Will Says:

    Glad to hear you have a haze of insects. Here in troubled middle class England most local types (horses included) pine for a time when insects were mashed against car windscreens; a sign of a healthy ecosystem. Thankfully the Waitrose lot seem to have created something other than fiscal development. Organic breeds organic. This evening I drove through three clouds of flying ‘things’ hanging around under a tree like local kids looking for something to do. These were so dense they could have been mistaken assmoke from a cottage chimney, were it not so warm here.

  2. carol Says:

    Trout still in the lake- have you confiscated Someone’s tin of flies, or do Tonka Toys trump rod and line?

  3. Jane Says:

    The Gamekeeper has been gently but firmly convinced of the overall charms of catching trout and then PUTTING THEM BACK. I have eaten enough mud-flavoured pond-fish, thank you so very much, and his family jibbed long ago (the brown trout which have turned up of their own accord may be nicer than the rainbows with which it was stocked, but I am not absolutely hurrying to make the experiment).

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