The Apparitional Gamekeeper arrived last night at the wheel of his own car. This it may be said is an ancient Jeep, the vehicular equivalent of Rosinante. A freebie from the farrier for whom he works, it is absolutely unroadworthy and in any case the AG is under 17. It hadn’t been budgeable for the last four years, but his multi-skilled Dad has made it GO, so he can drive the couple of miles in either direction towards the Barnyards of Delgaty, or down to the grain-store, or since it is a Jeep, over the set-aside. In effect the bloody thing is a useless toy but it is clearly a source of immense pride and satisfaction. He arrived in it last night, beaming, just as we were about to eat. ‘Hey. D’you want to go for a ride in my car?’ What can you say but ‘Yes’?

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  1. will Says:

    And why not? Several years ago I spent two consecutive Christmases looking after a Gentlemans Farm (i.e. that provided by the sellers of Aubrey House London - son and ravishing Irish daughter-in-law getting bored etc). They were determined (knowing my driving skills) for me to write off their perfectly good and not far-off new Land Rover as it was simply Knackered by obscene jollies. You couldn’t even get a girlfriend into the thing as the passenger well was full of sheep feed/syringes/copies of rotting Sunday Papers. I’ve been scanning the papers for an old Range Rover myself. Nothing like a perfectly abused local 4×4.

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