Northern summer

Sorry to be neglecting you all. After a couple of months without writing any reviews, three, like buses, came along simultaneously. Two out of the three were of books rather vulgarly long, in my view, especially the one on the double life of Lloyd George: having established by about page 3 that LG was a triple-distilled ocean-going shit, which one knew anyway, the rest was details. Nearly 600 pp of them — and I am not yet so lost to shame that I do not read books I review.
Anyway, we took a day off today, in the company of the Canadian Professor, went up into the hills on a bright and breezy summer day, and ended up doing a little retail therapy, for once: I have acquired, for the first time in my life, a piece of Likeable Luggage; it is a rather nice tartan, but waterproof, and so organised that it can either be a small bag which will go onboard in a plane, or a large bag which holds a very great deal and can go in the hold. A bit difficult to explain, but it does work. And has the great advantage that, should one end up putting it in the hold, it is instantly recognisable.
The dogs were exceedingly indignant, when we finally rolled home with our carrier bags: because the car does not really hold three people AND two large dogs, so on all such jaunts, when we have a third party with us, they get left at home (where they take advantage of our absence to loll about on the sofa, such is the tiny, pastel-coloured scale of their notion of transgression). But they got taken for a walk in the evening, so all is forgiven

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  1. carol Says:

    You have acquired actual mutating Luggage: has it yet revealed any other special powers, which may come in handy?
    Sorry to sound skittish- an evening at the mercy of les delices d’Eastbourne, followed by two (count them) videos of The Tempest today can play hob with a person’s sense of normality, it seems. Ah well, I’ve saved Mr Jarman’s masterpiece for tonight, hot on the heels of the BBC’s vanilla pudding of a production. Some consolation for missing the Official Faculty Pubcrawl (one village, two pubs) to preside over the DVD remote.

    Whcih tartan, by the way?

  2. Jane Says:

    I don’t know. It’s a bit like that one which, when you were making the hallucinatory Tumbling Blocks tartan bed-curtains, we christened The MacAbre — the one which you thought your mum might like a skirt of? well mannered quiet blue-greens on the whole.

  3. carol Says:

    Ah, not the disturbing salmon-pink-gone-off background (can’t remember, was that the MacIavellian)?

    Meant to do marking today- somehow accepted a lift to Hailsham and bought Pimms - am I going Home Counties native, or does Sussex not count (vide Stella Gibbons) ?

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