Dr Biswell returned last night at about half past one (which as historic Biswellian arrivals goes, is really quite early). It was strangely cold yesterday, and the mist came down; by midnight, there was a cold fog. The trees on the lawn are still hung with lanterns from the midsummer party, so the Professor went out and lit them all. It looked very strange, because the fog destroyed any sense of spatial depth: there was just a constellation of little yellow lights floating eight feet or so above the ground with no apparent explanation.
Horticultural news: constant readers may be pleased to hear that one of the Giant Malaysian Bat Plants has poked a tendril above the surface of its pot. I have also persuaded a piece of ginger to come to life, and the banana plant which the kitten piddled on has been successfully nursed back to life. So, things are not so bad really.

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