We ended up having a glorious inauguration of the new bridge to Twisby Island. I bought a cream cake (wasn’t time to make, we were in the uni most of the day). But it was a sponge with jam and real cream which is to say, a proper party cake. The actual bridgebuilders and ourselves ate most of it, and then we all moseyed down to the lake, where I had closed the bridge with pale blue ribbon. I got out my being a duchess hat (navy straw, wide brimmed) and trimmed it with white roses. Miss T was induced to wear it, and be a duchess for the occasion. She cut the ribbon good style, and chirped, ‘I declare this bridge open’, before storming across the thing accompanied by ecstatic labradors.

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  1. carol Says:

    Please convey my congratulations to Miss T (and the Hat)- tell her from me it sounds like she did a better job than the Queen herself, on the occasion of launching the ‘Milennium Spear of Light’ into its better known alter ego of the Wobbly Bridge…

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