We are worried about the lake, again. After this unusually hot, dry spell, the burn is naturally way down. But above & beyond that, our upstream neighbour has acres under potatoes, so he is pumping tons and tons of water out of the burn in order to irrigate his crops. The lake is two feet below its normal level, and the result domestically is horrible: black mudbanks, my dears, one starts looking about for alligators. There is enough deep water to keep the Gamekeeper’s fish happy, I hope, but overall, it is most unaesthetic. There was a brief downpour this afternoon, unfortunately, the operative word was ‘brief’. Can we have some lovely rain, please?

5 Responses to “Mud”

  1. the tropical godfather Says:

    Fear not! I am told that alligator farms can be MOST LUCRATIVE. Quite apart from alligator SHOES and HANDBAGS, potted alligator is supposed to be MOST NUTRITIOUS and must surely also have APHRODISIAC QUALITIES, which could be the basis of a nice little internet earner.

  2. The German Guest Says:

    Well, if you need a mediator for your little water conflict, you know where to look, right? The Middle East is, it seems, lost anyway, so I need other places for a much needed sense of achievement…

  3. Jane Says:

    We did think of you. However, when it comes down to it, there is nothing to mediate. The honest tattie farmer has his living to earn, and our pond is no more than a toy. Fair’s fair (not an attitude characteristic of the Middle East, alas). Furthermore, I’m sorry to say that despite the profusion of appealing mudbanks and general air of ‘down on the old Bayou’, not a single alligator has yet been attracted to the opportunity we are offering. A sad lack of enterprise on the part of the crocodilian community.

  4. Dr Biswell Says:

    This is sheer beastliness on the part of the wicked potato farmer. Never mind the fish. What about the quality of life of the labradors? It is bad and wrong to deprive them of their swimming pool. Is there a dependable Man of Law who might be brought in to send persecuting letters to the potato baron? Or must it be sabotage? Perhaps the gamekeeper would be kind enough to stick drawing pins in the hosepipes, or sugar in the fuel tank of the pumping device. If the young idea doesn’t take matters into his own hands soon, preferably under cover of darkness, the labradors will no doubt raise their muddy paws in defiance. Who’s bothered if it shoves up the price of chips by a penny or two? Ruined or not, you don’t see many tattie farmers cycling.

  5. Jane Says:

    Stop Press. It seems that the farmer has stopped extracting water. Labrador patrol at 19.15 hours saw the potato watering device disconnected and on quite another part of the hill. Flow of water, although not ideal, has decidedly increased. The orange kitten says, in any case, that it is going to thunder.

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