Twisbys thwarted up to a point

We are greatly relieved to hear from the Tropical Godfather (see comments to previous blog). We are off on holiday tomorrow — the most soothing holiday we could conceive, which is to say, pottering about the Low Countries. Delft, Antwerp, Douai. Much though we love the house in the woods, it is nice to get away from time to time. The Professor has been driven nearly mad by trying to sort out picture permissions for his book, and needs a holiday, and I have not been un-busy myself.
The Twisby continues to cast its malign and evil eye on domestic machinery. The washing machine has been restored to functionality. The freezer, not really, and it’s on the job sheet for when we get back. The last thing to misbehave is the cooker, which is really a bit much. We do have the Rayburn so the excellent man who will be babysitting the quadrupeds can at least still cook on something. But something is going to have to be done about that bloody Twisby.

6 Responses to “Twisbys thwarted up to a point”

  1. carol Says:

    I commend to your attention the grizzly cinematic oeuvre Fatal Attraction, for one possible strategy- so long as it doesn’t fluence the Rayburn first, of course…

    (Grizzly at least, for anyone with an adversion to Michael Douglas’s buttocks.)

  2. carol Says:

    And happy holiday of course!

  3. will Says:

    Quick note as in horrible rush to overpaint/gentrify naff 14k solid marble fireplace.. ‘Twisby’ - appreciate lit. ref. but is this as per Wormleighton pigeon antics or Scottish version of Civil War trudging through house?

  4. the tropical godfather Says:

    Thumbscrews perhaps? The fact that Twisbies don’t have thumbs as such need not prevent the application of this charming, olde world device to some other part of the Twisbotic anatomy.

  5. canadian professor Says:

    Are the buttocks grisly or grizzly or (best of all) both?

    I expect that the Rayburn will be blown up by the DHL estate.

  6. carol Says:

    As I dimly recall - gristly, to be strictly accurate. Douglas M. did not spend his formative years as an actor on the sword-and-sandal epic career path of his esteemed father, and has the lack of muscle tone to prove it.

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