Then something nice (see previous)

To my utter and total astonishment, my grand tartan bag just tipped up in charge of a courier. Thanks, my dears, to Tropical Godfather and Godmama who offered to make some more shirts, but we now have something like an elegant sufficiency. At least one thing has come right out of the various weirdnesses which have afflicted us lately — has someone out there been offering things up? If so, thank you.

3 Responses to “Then something nice (see previous)”

  1. The Other German Guest Says:

    It seems I should get a second John Hartson shirt for you as well.

  2. canadian professor Says:

    See earlier allusions to St. A. I think that he counted my earlier donation for the Paduan poor as generous, so perhaps did the tartan bag to use up the rest.

  3. Jane Says:

    One sometimes wonders how poor the Paduan poor are these days.

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