Calmer waters

Things are a little calmer — the bit before term quite gets started is rather awful but we’re into the first week now, beginning to get a sense of what we’re doing and what’s supposed to be going on. We even managed to buy a cooker, over the phone — John Lewis were surprised, but co-operative. With any luck we will have it on Friday in time to welcome Dr Biswell with something that isn’t necessarily cooked very slowly on the Rayburn, which has begun to get a little bit boring. Term is a bit like one of those walkways you get in airports; you may stumble a bit getting on to the thing, but once you are fairly launched there is nowhere to go but forwards, interesting sideways excursions are, for the time being, completely impossible, and — the best bit — it moves surprisingly fast.

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  1. will Says:

    Strenuati! Its surprising how quickly the darlings of the 38k a year school fee payers can turn the screws. Suddenly the evenings come alive with the noise of scratching bows and lurid canvases in our household. Worse still the day job begins to pale with another marbled column being praised by the owners of that house in Chester Square. And yet our own washing machine is taking six weeks to arrive. My poor parents are suffering a glut of fineries that would do justice to St Cyprian the athlete…

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