Domestic Disaster nay Tragedy

For a number of years, Miss Dog and her Best Friend have eaten some species of brown nodules resembling Anthracite trading under the name of Chudley’s Classic. We got to the end of a sack last week, and made do for a while with stuff from the supermarket. This morning the Professor had the first chance he has had in a while to visit the farm shop where the sacks come from. Only to be told, ‘I don’t think we can get Chudley’s Classic any more. We’ve got Chudley’s Original’. And so the Professor bought Chudley’s Original, and Lo! It was not brown anthracite. It was some sort of (sob) muesli. I came in at eight or so to find an atmosphere you could cut with a knife. My goodness, they are sulking like fury. They have been starving all day. I put a little bit of left-over mince in a dish with the Chudley’s Original on top and they have eaten it, with the illest grace you ever saw. What a performance. They are threatening to join the Benedictines, having confused Simple Piety with Simple Pie-Eaty.

5 Responses to “Domestic Disaster nay Tragedy”

  1. Jon Says:

    Ye Gods, you mean there’s a meaningful difference between ‘Classic’ and ‘Original’? Or does ‘Classic’ just mean “not old, but not new either”?

  2. the tropical godfather Says:

    Suggest you go around muttering ‘laborare est orare’ under your breath for a few days. I expect the little dears will eventually cotton onto the idea that looking cute in black does not exhaust the duties of a Benedictine. Muesli may then begin to look like a viable alternative to the monastic life.

  3. lampy Says:

    My researches reveal that you can also buy ‘Chudleys Greyhound Chunks’ and more mysteriously ‘Chudleys Working Crunch’. In fact the whole world of canine griblets is altogether more exciting than I had realised.

  4. The Canadian Professor Says:

    I thought that I might send some, but they wanted 15 pounds to deliver and only 11 for the sackful. There was an unhelpful note: if I were charged 15, I had probably got the postcode wrong. [And was being punished??]

    But there is a freefone for Dodson and Horrell: 0800 318 156

    I wanted to send you the description in French, but they don’t do forwarding via e-mail. Long learned accounts of what to feed the fat, thin, excitable, energetic, benign, malign, scheming etc.

  5. Jane Says:

    Dr Biswell passed through the Farm Shop in search of a pair of tough & inexpensive boots, and reported that Chudley’s Classic has reappeared on the shelves — he was in rather a hurry so didn’t get any. A replacement brown anthracite has been sourced for the time being, because they really won’t eat the muesli: won’t, won’t, won’t. Shan’t. Can’t make us. Will sit on the landing whining in the small hours because we are hungry. However, peace has now broken out.

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