Proustian Moments

We have neglected the Blog for a few days, because things have been so complicated: the Northern Professor has ended up as a sort of Universal master of ceremonies, at least for difficult clients. And since on Wednesday a vision in fuchsia silk will descend from its fairy chariot to be greeted with a speech in Latin & the best we can provide in the way of Pomp & Circumstance, this has pretty well filled the horizon from end to end; report will follow, perhaps.

Meanwhile, it is time the dogs got a look in. Poor Miss Best Friend got a tick, and since it was a bit near her eye, had to go to the Vet. She was very brave about it. Meanwhile, as it happens, one of our really nice and sympathetic friends sent the dogs a madeleine each this morning. They got them after dinner: and I timed them. I am thus in a position to report that, even with Miss BF dropping hers and having to find it again, a Proustian Moment for Dogs lasts no more than 20 seconds. But worth it, I’m sure.

3 Responses to “Proustian Moments”

  1. canadian professor Says:

    Were they properly dipped in tea? And what did they recall?

  2. carol Says:

    Oh, please let there be photographic illustrations of the Great Event. In glorious, vibrant technicolour, with subtitles for the non-Latinists…

    Hope all went splendidly?

  3. Jane Says:

    They passed on the lime tisane, and I don’t know what they recalled, since dogs live in the present — they may experience exquisite moments when the past and the present overlay, but what can they do with them?

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