Reflections on Mature Students

I have got involved with the Aberdeen Access course this year; an experience which was leading me to reflect that in all such groups I have ever encountered, there is a majority of sterling souls who are almost alarmingly grateful for being taken seriously (suggesting dark things about their earlier educational experience), but at the same time, there is inevitably one man, middle-aged or elderly, who has come, in an act of obscure self-assertion, in order to instruct you, and one woman who appears to be to some significant degree, crazy. I said as much to our friend from Sunderland, who happened to be with us, and who said that was his experience too. It’s an alarming thought.

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  1. Jon Says:

    My maddest ever mature student was a chap, who, bless him, had obviously lived the high life in many ways and was busy reaping the post-chemical whirlwind.

    His response to the set task of putting together a little poetry anthology was a lengthy handwritten explanation of why he had panicked and failed to complete the work. It helpfully anthologising along the way all of his major life experiences and worries, including a page-long list of every drug he’d tried.

    I was so tempted to give the fellow a sympathetic A, but I feared it would only confuse him. Or encourage him, whichever was worse.

  2. Jane Says:

    It sounds as if you got the Crazy plus the Instructor in one fell package.

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