The Professor at Work

The promised pictures of the Professor at work, which do not, alas, show the two stalwart chaps in tricornes with the two maces of the university. In the seventeenth century, you see, Aberdeen, like England, had two universities, and we have the silverware to prove it.

The Northern Professor and Papal Nuncio

The Northern Professor greeting the Papal Nuncio

6 Responses to “The Professor at Work”

  1. Jane Says:

    the Northern professor may be readily distinguished: he is the only member of this august company not wearing a dress.

  2. the tropical godfather Says:

    My goodness, so he is!

    Of course if he’d like a dress for next time, you have but to say the word and we’ll come up will a little fuschia number that will blow the socks of the papal nuncio. And maybe a small but costly tiara to go with it…?

  3. carol Says:

    The kilt would have clashed horribly with the fuschia accessorising of the delegation, I fear. Nevertheless, it all looks suitable grand and decorous- were the macebearers whizzed back to cold storage at top speed?

  4. Arnold Says:

    It is a little difficult to tell from the second photograph, but it looks as though the Professor was wearing a gown WITHOUT A HOOD. Can this be true? What is the explanation for this shocking absence of academic tat .. er, I mean this deplorable state of professorial undress?

  5. Peter Says:

    THere is or appears to be a “second dress uniform” state in Scottish Univerities. Gown but no hood (no white tie either) taking cue from Principal wearing the SILVER laced gown not the GOLD laced gown. Will suggest we up the stakes next time.

  6. will Says:

    What have you been FEEDING HIM?!

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