Miracles do happen

The Professor and I are having a very exciting time. We have just broached the unspeakable carboy in the back sitting room; which had grey slimy stuff on the top and some kind of yellow slimy stuff at the bottom. With great care, the stuff in between has been successfully siphoned out; and it is, beyond any possible doubt, wine. A very rough, and very new rosé, but wine nonetheless. The carboy is being sterilised as we speak, and once the Milton tablet has done its work, we will put the wine, for such we can legitimately call it, back in, and leave it to get nicer — as, indeed, it may. But despite the casualness of our initial procedure, it has NOT gone off, vinegarified, or done anything else it shouldn’t have. We don’t quite see Chateau Delgaty being up there with St Emilion, but all the same we have a small but definite sense of achievement.

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  1. carol Says:

    Reading week has come not a moment too soon. I must be more bewildered than I’d thought, as I dwelled overlong on the misplaced connotations of taking Milton in tablet form before I caught up with the actual plot. I’m fairly sure that this is the morbid reaction of a slightly overworked early modernist, and will deal with it by going home to mother tomorrow, clutching slabs of Brecht and Joe Orton in an attempt to decompress. Harvesting the surprisingly robust lettuce collection is also on the cards- unless Yorkshire’s first frost kicks in between now and then.

    (Glad the postman had his wellies on and made it through the climate.)

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