The week that just passed was the half way point of the term, which is sort of good news, but it always seems in fact to be rather a low point. So much energy has been expended already; essays and other written work are now pouring in, exam papers are due this week, and the clocks have gone back. To an ever increasing extent, the rest of term will take place in the dark. A colleague’s gone sick, and the Registry’s last brilliant idea about organizing students hasn’t quite worked. We will stumble on, but the second half is not, on the whole, a prospect that pleases. Miss Kit has been assaulted by her governess again and has a nasty bite on her leg, which is worrying too. On the bright side, next week is my nastiest week of the entire term, and once it’s over, nothing else will seem quite as bad — but I am signing off, I suspect, till next Friday.

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  1. suscipe Says:

    I think you might enjoy a book called ‘Nourishing Traditions’ by Sally Fallon, a recipe book and wonderful read. It nailed me silent to my chair when I was supposed to be paying attention to its owner, with histories and references of traditional methods on every page.
    Don’t let the sanctimonious blurb put you off.

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