But there is some good news

Dr Biswell has been awarded the Portico Prize, which is awarded biennially for a book about Manchester or the north-west of England more generally — for the Burgess book, of course. What is particularly nice about this is that it is the only prize Burgess himself ever won, so it has a certain fearful symmetry. Burgess, being Burgess, made pointed remarks about the smallness of the actual cheque when he turned up to collect it. Dr Biswell, of course, had better manners.

8 Responses to “But there is some good news”

  1. canadian professor Says:

    Wonderful, wonderful and none of us are surprised!!!

  2. Andreas minor Says:

    Hurrah! All congrats to the good Dr B, well worthy of accolade of course. And let us hope that he surpasses the other AB before long.

  3. Nick Says:

    Splendid news! Congratulations to Dr Biswell!

  4. the northern gentleman Says:

    Any potential fearful symmetry aside, prizes are a very good thing. Congratulations doctor!

  5. Eleanor Says:

    Congrats from this side of the pond. Do have a party - the fearful symmetry calls for plenty of booze!

  6. Jane Says:

    When Andreas M hopes that Dr B will surpass Burgess, I only hope he is talking about QUALITY. When it comes to Quantity the Great Logothete surpasses just about everyone except St John Chrysostom and the Encyclopedia Britannica.

  7. carol Says:

    Happy news! To be celebrated on BOTH sides of the Pennines and south of the Watford Gap to boot.

  8. the tropical godfather Says:

    Excellent! Prizes are good for the soul.

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