Miss Best Friend

Miss Best Friend is adjusting rather slowly to being Miss Dog: ‘I was always taught’, she says, ‘not to put myself forward’. It is difficult for her to have first go at the griblets, and so on, she spends ages staring at her tea in case somebody else ought to be getting her nose in. But she is becoming more cheerful and more confident. She had to go to the Vet this week for her booster, and although we have instituted, she being solo dog, an Older Dog diet (something which has been considered for a while if only we could have worked out a way to ensure that it was she who ate it), the vet — evidently in the pay of the Food Party — was firm that we should not attempt to discontinue little treats for quite some time: the damage to her waistline being inconsiderable compared to the damage to her psyche. And she’s probably right, at that. We all take some time to adjust, and Miss BF is more conservative than most. Miss Kit, incidentally, is responding to the increasingly wintry weather by growing more fur and saying ‘what care I?’ It has been nasty spiteful sleeting rain, just above freezing, since the end of the afternoon; in the last 6 hours, Miss Kit has spent approximately 30 minutes in the house, on both visits, accompanied by a mouse, and is now out again. That’s Abyssinians for you.

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  1. carol Says:

    Abyssian fur would come in handy even as far south as Kent today. I’m sitting out the end of the computing day before availing myself of a college production of The Crucible. This was planned long ago, as a sweetener to the 100+ essays I must lug home with me afterwards. Then mark. As late as late this morning, it was a fine, warm, cloudless day suggesting the use of a lighter form of footwear and day off for the brolly. Wrong! The weather turned gothically atmospheric about an hour ago- the sort of rain to catch a person on the way down, and then on the rebound up again. Also a tendancy to mighty wuthering, and I feel sure, a light hail of frogs anytime now.

  2. Jane Says:

    We have freezing sleet hereabouts, and a weather warning. Miss Cat has nonetheless elected to go out.

  3. The Other German Guest Says:

    I just saw on the news that you have about 1 degree there.. that’ll be a change from the 18 we had here today.

  4. The Canadian Professor Says:

    Did the vet enquire about her current treatment of the two pheasants?And he is surely right about the treats.

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