Farewell & adieu

The German Guests went off today, having provided a great deal of interest, tactful general back-up, and general dog walking over the last ten days. We will miss them. In the course of yesterday, we let slip that it was Dr Biswell’s birthday today — he is named for St Andrew whose day it is — whereupon GG1 spent the afternoon making him a lovely present, with the aid of the Apparitional Gamekeeper. The AG was to be discovered in the kitchen making a complicated device; ‘it’s a flocker’, he explained. This earnt him a bent eyebrow from the Professor who is firm in the opinion that young chaps need to learn to watch their language before grown ups — but the Gamekeeper was wholly innocent. What he had made with immense ingenuity from a couple of coathangers was a flocker; a device used by saddlers for stuffing a saddle with flocks of wool; this was a small version for inserting kapok into a toy. The wholly delightful addition to the family which resulted is currently known as The Thinither Therpent — Dr B can rename it if he so chooses — and has acquired a lot of character — its first gesture, to the applause of all, was to leap upon the resident Twisby and throttle it. Its second was to frighten the bejasus out of Miss Kit, who seemed very far from unsure that it was not in fact, a veridical snake.


5 Responses to “Farewell & adieu”

  1. The Canadian Professor Says:

    How long is the Thinister Therpent?

  2. Jane Says:

    About 4 ft I think.

  3. carol Says:

    Twisbys and Therpents and Cats, oh my!

    The cheerful therpentine fabric seems to bear an alarming resemblance to the curtains employed by not-quite Sister Maria in her spirited attempt to reclothe the Von Trapp hoards in suitable summery fashion.

    A Twisby, similarly reminded, no doubt, would have expressed a preference for their original woeful, sinister and repressive sailor suits: hence their altercation, no doubt.

    Belated birthday greetings to Dr B.

  4. The Canadian Professor Says:

    Tho that he can be put into a therprentine line of beauty?

  5. carol Says:

    Yeth- tho I thuspect an 8 perthon pantomime dragon (head-to tail diminithing thiblings) would be more thuitably tholemn.

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