Finishing Tape

The dominant thought in the household’s collective mind is, ‘End of Week Eleven’. One more week, and that’s it. I ended up forgetting to go to a jolly good party last week because, by the time I had finished teaching at 6, I trudged off to the bus thinking about the following day’s work, totally overlooking the fact that I was meant to stay in Aberdeen and meet the Professor at the house of the Professor of French. Nor did I remember until a frantic phone call a couple of hours later told me where he was. All of which suggests that my nose has been so firmly attached to the grindstone that my field of view has ended up entirely restricted to teaching. I will not be sorry to see an end to it.

PS. Miss Best Friend, who had also been invited, enjoyed the occasion enormously. There was both ham and cake; the sum and substance of felicity for a middle aged Labrador. For two days afterwards, one only had to say ‘party’ for the tail to start thumping.

3 Responses to “Finishing Tape”

  1. canadian professor Says:

    It should be against the law to put classes running until 6 in an academic timetable. Did you trudge down the road in the dark?

  2. Jane Says:

    Personally, I’m glad of the flexibility — speaking as one who to this day regards a 9 o’clock class as cruel and unusual punishment. I’m perfectly happy, having dodged the first hour, to compensate by working later. I’d be home in the dark even if I left at 4, of course. And as it happens, it wasn’t cold; I walked, not trudged, home by moonlight. Some bird or other was squeaking and with the clouds and the moon, I kept thinking of the scene near the end of Spirited Away, when Chihiro visits the witch Zaniba.

  3. canadian professor Says:

    You said that you had trudged to the bus. Surely there is a middle way for class times?

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