Things As They Should Be

We have finally bowed to Miss Best Friend’s sense of the fitness of things, and replaced her increasingly scruffy blue nylon collar with a plain brown leather one, the Labrodoric equivalent of ‘the little black dress’. She is delighted with the thing; there’s a strong atmosphere of ‘that’s more like it’. The late Miss Dog, once she had left puppyhood, was given a leather collar, about which she was thoroughly naughty. She scratched the thing off and lost it on several occasions, which is why replaced it with one of the nylon sort which are much lighter and, we thought, more tolerable. For all we know, her problem may have been that she was hankering after Swarovski crystals (perhaps we should have asked Margaret McCallum to design something special), but she put up with red nylon, and we had no further trouble. Accordingly, Miss BF got a blue nylon one to match, but we never felt that she liked it much. A bit ’so-called “Modern”‘. A bit ‘young’, she indicated. ‘In Ormskirk’ (always a bad start, we have come to find) ‘we never thought there was anything wrong with PLAIN OLD-FASHIONED LEATHER’. So now she has plain old-fashioned leather. And two stuffed pheasants, and a very reprehensible squeaky orange, introduced into the household by the Real World Consultant, and a bone, the gift of the Professor of French, and a yellow rubber ball. She puts these riches all in a row along the edge of her comfy dog bed, and contemplates them, perfectly happy.

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  1. the tropical godfather Says:

    But OF COURSE MargaretMcCallum would have been DELIGHTED to create a designer collar for MBF - crystals, beads, embroidery - the lot! If she’d fancied something uniquely exotic and exclusive, we would even have incorporated kerawang work. Bet you won’t even find that in the dictionary!

    SUCH a shame she has a leather fetish!

  2. Jane Says:

    PS. I’m sure you are right about the dictionary, but good old Google produced a picture of kerawang work in something less than two seconds.

  3. carol Says:

    The pheasants: I’m concerned. Are we talking taxidermy here, stuffed toys or bouncy rubber fun?

    (I’m alone in the office, hoorah! Suspect that Jane and Jayne did not make it through the gathering near-hurricane today. Huh! I did. Recpetionists cracked out laughing on my windswept arrival- hair apparently vertical and oozing- well, I could feel the oooze myself. The Ukranian tweed is authentically, damply aromatic right now, but drying out at its own pace. Kent very likely to be blown away very soon and become either the most northerly Channel Island, or REALLY give French customs workers something to complain about.)

  4. Jane Says:

    Have we not blogged the pheasants? These are absolutely revolting, life size and strangely realistic despite being made out of fur-fabric — they are made and sold to teach young gun-dogs how to pick up. Miss BF adores them; there is one WITHOUT feet (she gnawed them off in an emotional moment) and one with. They are stiff with saliva, leaking kapok at the seams, and in all respects, unpleasant pheasants.

  5. will Says:

    I give mine real ones after I’ve taken the breasts out. Anyone for a pheasant?

  6. Jane Says:

    I would not myself give a dog a bird carcass with splintery bones. In any case, Miss BF, though retires, still has an occasional day out with the Gamekeeper and his gun. She’s not SUPPOSED to eat them.

  7. carol Says:

    Yes. Dim recollection seeping through. I must have repressed the details due to squeamishness.

    What Larks! Took the best part of 3 hours to get home from college last night, over an hour of which was spent vascillating between busstops in the City (number 4 useful on one side of St Paul’s going East and North; the 17 equally heading home but West and Northerly on the opposite side of the road.) See Carol play in windswept rushhour traffic! Today I am so sandblasted I look like the woman on the makeover show flatmate was watching last night who’d had a chemical peel. Pink and rosy is all very well, but half flayed is not my preferred look for spring. Hope eveyones’ roofs intackt?

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