The household is at present, managing as best it can without Mrs Grey Cat. Everyone is crossing their fingers, because the Laird of Towie’s missus said she would like her, so she is trying her luck in the pink castle up the road. The castle is a bit near the 947 which is why they haven’t had cats for a while, though fond of the creatures, but Mrs GC has become such a total couch potato she might suit them very well. She’s barely left the house other than for an ablutionary stroll for weeks. They are going to see if she settles, and if she shows signs of wandering, she will be brought back here. Our hope is that she won’t. It would be SO NICE to think we had seen the last of the cat-fights.
We arrived home after a prolonged excursion yesterday to find a magnificent still-life composed of dead pheasants hung neatly over the kitchen door (out of range of the animals). The Gamekeeper turned up some time later and butchered them for me, bless him.

6 Responses to “Liberation?”

  1. The Canadian Professor Says:

    I am delighted to know that Mrs. Grey Cat has been translated to a Castle. One day she may be moved to invite Miss Cat for tea & quarrel & a tour of her new premises.

  2. Jane Says:

    When the Laird rang in this evening, all seemed to be well: Mrs Evil a little anxious, but disposed to be friendly. Here’s hoping.

  3. the tropical godpapa Says:

    Sometimes I wish I was Mrs Grey cat. Better than being a pheasant, at any rate.

  4. carol Says:

    Vive la chatelaine nouvelle?

  5. The Canadian Professor Says:

    The Cat Desmond’s desire to visit Scotland has been sharpened by the news of Mrs. GC’s move to a castle.

    Abracadabra to the Tropical GP……

  6. the tropical GP Says:

    Er, it doesn’t seem to have worked. I’m STILL in KL in an apartment instead of being fed big bowls of cream in a castle. Boo Hoo!!!

    Thanks all the same, oh Canadian P. It’s the thought that counts, he said without conviction.

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