General apology

This is an apology aimed at those who post comments which don’t appear — some comments get shuffled into the spam filter, where, every other day or thereabouts, I go through to see if there is gold among the dross (the Canadian Professor has suffered from this, due to being Canadian; on account of the number of people selling drugs out of Canada). Unfortunately, the spammers are getting increasingly cunning. It used to be the case that if four or five grammatically sequent words flashed by as one scrolled down, it was worth applying the brakes and going back to see what it was. But there is a new and wily class of spammer operative who give themselves a name, ‘Paul’, ‘Sarah’, or whatever, and leave a comment of a one-size-fits-all vagueness ‘This is a great site! Someone told me about it and I’ve bookmarked it’, let’s say — it’s only on close inspection that the prescription drugs/insurance/pornography/loans link becomes apparent. It makes it harder to get it right, since I have no more time to play with the spam than I used to, and there have been moments lately when I have been siezed by doubt just after bopping the Delete button.

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  1. Jon Says:

    I need to upgrade the software, which should help to some extent. But not much. In general anyone who leaves a comment where their name is a link is a spammer.

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