Light the blue touchpaper. . .

Our readers may be aware that there exists an opinion that Shakespeare was a left-footer, a view promulgated by various academics and by trusting chaps who make programmes for the electric television. Thrilling assertions are made about the Shakespeare family’s association with various heroes of the undercover Catholic mission to England, about bits of significant papers found in attics in Stratford and about what the Bard did in his gap year.
The Professor has been doing the sort of thing which his enemies assume him to do all the time, which is to say that he has been conspiring with the Society of Jesus. There have been meetings in an underground room in Mayfair (that bit’s true actually, the library at Farm Street’s in the basement) and in unpretentious restaurants in more than one European capital. More to the point, the Professor has been assisting his best friend in the Jesuits in a course of party-pooping, sport-spoiling and fruit-business-wrecking. Which is to say that they have been going over the original documents in the case with the proverbial toothcomb. They have made various pretty discoveries along the way, not least that the chief proponent of the “Shakespeare was a Tim” industry has never set foot in any Jesuit archive.
All of this is due to hit the newsstands in tomorrow’s Times Literary Supplement. At which point we may anticipate that various persons are going to go off like Claymore mines, only louder.We invite our dear readers to anticipate what the responses are likely to be in the letter pages of next week’s TLS, who is going to weigh in saying what, and what is the most likely line for the chief proponent to take in his defence.

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  1. Jane Says:

    Dearest CP, I knew it was you.

  2. canadian professor Says:

    aw gee….. cp

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