Industrial espionage

A few posts back, you will find one entitled ‘A Grand Day Out’. It has attracted a certain amount of comment: one such was unwise enough to mention Pakeman, Catto & Carter, who, though they sound implausible, are a real firm. Moreover, when we lived in the South the Northern Professor used to buy his socks from them, and a fine lurid selection they had: I liked the turquoise and bright pink stripes, but there were also red and emerald green ones and others I now forget. They are not a particularly hard-wearing breed of sock, however, and though quite a few of them remain in the house, they have been transformed into the livelier sections of the household’s various rag rugs. You will find that there is a comment on ‘Grand Day Out’ from an individual signing as ‘Spy’, and giving a link through to Pakeman & Catto’s website. All of which sheds a light on P, C & C’s methods of business as lurid as their socks: do they really have employees surfing the internet in search of name-checks? Or is it a question of their not knowing what their employees get up to to enliven a dull afternoon? We shall find out when they release their autumn line, but if they are selling anything at all like the excellent Mrs Baxter’s Nasty Socks, then I’m jolly well going to tell her. I might add, for those who are sock minded, that Mrs Baxter’s products outlast those of Pakeman, Catto & Carter by a factor of about ten, while being slightly cheaper. This is not a free advertisement for the sock-sellers of Cirencester.

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  1. Eleanor Says:

    I bet PCC’s minions Google themselves and thus turned up your blog!

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