Inadvertent poetry

The Ed Biography has continued to rumble through various stages of production while everything else has been going on. One decision which was made quite some time ago was that it wouldn’t have footnotes as such, but there would be notes at the back linked by page and catchwords within the relevant paragraph. An industrious gnome at Jonathan Cape has been doing just this, and I have been very much amused by some of the sequences which resulted. See for yourselves.

xv: ‘it couldn’t have been worse painted’:
xvi: ‘The house is dreadfully shabby’:
xvii: Another new venture:
xviii: ‘however I enjoy it very much’:
xix: the ignoble history of terrible films:
xx: ‘I have a contract thank God.’:
xxi: a spirited attempt to raise the money:
xxii: in partnership with Ashton:
xxiii: ‘instead of cooking up some crazy plot’:
xxiv: Burra’s own thoughts:
xxv: Burra’s absence of ego:
xxvi: ‘…I was very pleased with them!’:
xxvii: Ashton’s version:
xxviii: ‘…a sure sign of strain.’:
xxix: ‘…the opening night…’:
xxx: The problem of Helpmann:
xxxi: ‘…altogether incredible’:
xxxii: ‘a glum static figure…’:
xxxiii: bored to tears:
xxxiv: beautiful costumes:
xxxv: ‘everything looks menacing’:

xxi: ‘…old teeth & oyster shells…’:
xxii: ‘…I come from the land of the living dead …’:
xxiii: ‘Ed seems much better…’:
xxiv: ‘…for food drink and chicanery.’:
xxv: a wonderful site:
xxvi: he could work in peace:
xxvii: not quite clear what he was working on:
xxviii: he started to get restive in Massachussetts:
xxix: ‘…intense dislike of being forced to make conversation…’:
xxx: a flea-pit, but welcoming:
xxxi: ‘the Novelty Bar was very good on Washington St.’:
xxxii: ‘there are no temptations…’:
xxxiii: ‘…like Zazu Pitts in “Greed”…’:
xxxiv: ‘…back in Boston again…’:
xxxv: ‘…he’d better sell something dearie…’:
xxxvi: ‘Realy what I want is some money…’:
xxxvii: ‘…I can’t pick it up, & you know I’m strong’:

xxxv ‘Dearest Ed…’:
xxxvi ‘this evening she has…’:
xxxvii Burra’s clothes:
xxxviii events at Chelsea Arts Club Ball:
xxxix Fishnet Annie:
xl ‘it was a perfect dream…’:
xli Chappel on the foursome:
xlii ‘an elderly but game Edwardian tart…’:
xliii Goronwy Rees on Pritchard:
xliv ‘To hear them talk theoretically…’:
xlv ‘[Ed] always made you feel…’:
xlvi ‘wrote most frivolously to me…’:
xlvii ‘mind you watch out…’:
xlviii ‘Have you ever…?’:
xlix Hermione Baddeley’s rudeness:
l erections:
li Burra’s problem standing:
lii Pritchard on Burra’s pain:
liii ‘My wish affair…’:
liv ‘I love to be stoned…’:
lv heroin addicts:
lvi ‘I … had never heard…’:
lvii ‘I Guess He Will Tonight’:
lviii ‘… And I’m gonna buy…’:
lix ‘die Ruth Baldwin yellow…’:
lx photo of Nils Asther on a postcard:
lxi ‘If you want to get…’:
lxii ‘these ten-inch bakelite records…’:
lxiii ‘I’m serious about my work…’:

… well, you see what I mean. I promise you, these are not improved, adulterated or cut in any way.

2 Responses to “Inadvertent poetry”

  1. Jane Says:

    Perhaps that’s how he did them …?

  2. carol Says:

    Cut, shuffle and paste I believe- far less serendipitous.

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