Moments of Truth

My saintly friend in Venice, despite the immense variety of conflicting demands upon her time, has gone to Alberto Varese, and sent me (on request) two notebooks, one large, one small. The essential kit for starting a new novel, which has indeed, been started. With so much going on in my life, I can only find stuff if it is in a notebook, and not all mixed up with stuff of other kinds. There is ten pages of typescript in the computer. A beginning. Meanwhile, another beginning: the clearing of the ground around the bothy, first steps towards making it happen.

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  1. carol Says:

    Ah! Nice to be back in circulation- all power to all aspects of your endeavour.
    Hair aside: took my mop to the ususal local practitioner while at mum’s, but Joanne on holiday so the boss did me. Yikes! She’d been briefed from the expert that Carol likes subtle highlights- I’d hate to think what she throws on when customers demand she goes to extremes. Feeling very stripey right now, so maybe the inner tiger will be also available for channeling during tomorrow’s interview. There is too much vivid potential for outright farce in the expected proceedings for me to plan anything like a strategy today. Displacement activities ho!

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